As the news cycle continues to be dominated by politicians spouting off at the mouth and those who would seek to take away every right given us by the constitution, a war is raging against those who are trying to be self-sufficient. One would think that the Government would rather its citizens become self-sufficient with regards to food, similar to that of Switzerland. However, the case in America is the exact opposite.

There have been numerous cases involving local and federal government agencies outlawing and removing someone’s personal garden, ON THEIR OWN PROPERTY!! Now, I could understand it if I went down to the local park and decided to put a garden next to the merry-go-round. But to have a garden destroyed on my own property? After all, I pay for it!

That’s just the place thDenise-Morrison-Tulsa-Garden-Destroyedese folks found themselves in. Take Denise Morrison of Tulsa, OK. The city of Tulsa began action against her edible garden in 2012. First, her purpose for growing the garden was to create medicine to help her fight diabetes and blood pressure. Seeing as she was unemployed and had very little income, she decided this was the best way to put her property to use.

However, in March of 2013, a judge ruled against her. Mind you, this was after the city came to her property with lawnmowers and a bob cat and completely destroyed her garden. Crazy, right? But wait, there’s more.

Let’s look at a more recent example; take the issue around Nathan Athans in Sugar Creek, MO. Last year, he and his family moved into their new home and began raising a garden in their front yard. Why not the back yard, you ask? According to Nathan, the front yard had more direct sunlight. However, what does it matter if he decided to put it in the front or the back? It’s his property!

Here’s what Nathan said about his garden: “…I spend all my free time out here. I want my family to know where their food is coming from, I don’t want to have to go to the grocery store and worry about what was done to that food.”

However, his neighbors didn’t like it and went to the city. Just this year, in March, the city passed an ordinance nathanathansmaking it illegal to grow a garden in your front yard. Now, you may be surprised to find out just how many people in the town of Sugar Creek grow a garden in their front yard! That’s right, one! Nathan is the only one to do so. DO you think he is justified in his thinking that the city is out to get him? I do.

The truth is I could scour the internet and give you hundreds of examples of our government’s attempt to take away our rights to provide for ourselves. You may be asking yourself why they would do such a thing. Let me ask you this? What better way to control somebody than to have them totally dependent on you?

If we are totally dependent on the government to provide for our family, that means we will be required to do whatever they tell us to do, even if it means giving up our God given, and Constitution supporter, rights. Let us strive to keep those rights so that our children and their children can enjoy the land as we have. After all, you’ve gotta fight…for your right…to garden!

If you’re like me and think this completely violates your rights, find the info for your congressman by clicking here and take action!! One call at a time is how we change their minds. Let it not be said we just rolled over while they took away our rights!

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