For years, chickens have been used in Cape Coral, FL as an educational tool for children. In addition, their eggs have provided nutrients to countless individuals. Now, because one person decided they didn’t like the idea, the interpretation of the law is being changed.

You read that right. The law, City leaders consider allowing backyard hens permanently_11393123_1453724127573_588467_ver1.0_640_360itself, is not being changed, at least not yet. Rather, it’s the interpretation of the ordinance by the city attorney. Due to his thoughts against the ordinance, the backyard hen project in Cape Coral is in danger.

Currently, the law allows for the keeping of hens as educational tools to children, such as 4-H groups. The law does state it is not intended for commercial use. However, Robert Peters finds himself entrenched in a battle to save this valuable program.

How ridiculous is this that, because one person decided they don’t like something, everyone else must fall in line. That isn’t American! If you don’t like something, deal with it! Especially if it’s not harming you. But to try and change the laws just because you don’t like it is wrong.

America was founded on the principles and welcoming everyone and being open minded. While the world causes uproars over the rights of homosexuals, the rights of individuals attempting to live off the land are being infringed upon.

To someone who is proud to be an American, this infuriates me. This country is quickly going down-hill and those of us who want to survive must begin to fend for ourselves. After all, we can’t trust the government to take care of us. My fear is that this is just another list on the governments agenda to keep up from taking care of ourselves. What is this is just the next to go?

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