Imagine disaster has struck but you’re not worried because you’ve taken the time to prepare enough food and water, amongst other supplies, for your family. However, the government decided it’s their right, in the matter of national security, to take away all you’ve spent countless hours storing for the survival of your family. Sure, we’d fight to keep it, but ultimately, do you have enough fire power to fend off the government?

storageSurely this scenario will never happen; or will it? Let’s look back over the short history of this nation just to see what the government is willing to do. Rewind to 1933 when the nation was in the midst of the Great Depression. The stock markets, along with the entire economy, had completely failed. In an attempt to regain control, since individuals were trying to protect their own finances, President Roosevelt signed EO (executive Order) 6102 into action. This effectively gave the government the ability to seize any and all gold that individuals had attempted to store for themselves.

Now let’s move to 1994 when President Clinton signed EO 10998. This order states that, in the even that martial law is declared, the government shall be able to seize any and all food storage from both private and public holders. Standing-Army-475x280That’s all well and good, right? For the betterment of thy neighbor and all that good stuff. That is until you realize what can constitute martial law.

Martial law, in effect, can be deemed a suitable course of action by anyone in government that feels civil law has become out of hand. For instance, the West Virginia and Colorado coal wars. IN both states, and on multiple occasions, the Governor declared martial law to silence union miners who had been protesting. Eventually, as is the case with the West Virginia incidents, the union miners were all thrown in jail without a trial or sentence.

So, while protecting the whole of society, martial law can be declared at any time regardless of the severity of the issue. With the case of our current commander in chief, who has shown no love for the constitution, he has the ability to declare this whenever he wants.

Why do I feel it’s come to a head now? Good question. In March of 2012, President Obama signed the National Defense Resources Preparedness executive order. This grants the ability to several government agencies, including the Departments of Homeland Security and Defense, to seize, confiobamascate, or re-delegate any such resources, services, or materials they deem needed to the national defense.

This goes further than just the food. This is all equipment, resources, and forms of energy production you may have. Furthermore, it registers all Americans by the skill level so that, in the event of a catastrophe, the government can assign tasks to its citizens and force them to work for them.

This is what our government has turned to. They don’t care two cents about our rights or what we are entitled to. Sure, some may say that the constitution prohibits this action. Sure it does, until martial law is declared.

Get ready, my friends. Whether you want to believe it or not, the government is coming to seize everything you have worked hard to secure for your family. Be cautious who you share the knowledge of your supplies with. After all, if they can’t find it, they can’t take it.


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