In a time where so many are focused on the political races and which bathroom we should be allowed to use, there is one piece of news that hasn’t made it to the mainstream media outlets. For the last several months, there has been a little-reported gas leak in the Aliso Canyon. The Canyon, located above Porter Ranch, is a gas storage facility that supplies natural gas to 17 power plants in the Los Angeles area.

Yes. Yoblack outu read that right; 17 power plants responsible for providing power to millions of people, have been left at 1/5 of their capacity after the four-month-long leak that started in October. You might ask why not just replenish the storage. Unfortunately, replenishing the facility has been banned until the wells have been repaired and pass extensive tests.

SoCal gas sealed up the canyon leaks in February. However, none of the 114 wells have passed the required test.

SO, what does all of this mean? Simply put, the Los Angeles area could be in for a long, hot summer as the risk of extensive power outages looms over the area. With the dwindled supply of gas, some of the utility companies may have the ability to turn to hydroelectric power, though this is more expensive.

Customers are also being asked to conserve gas and electric usage, especially during the peak times of the day. However, the question still remains if these precautions will be enough to prevent a major outage.

If the grid does fail, it could mean up to 14 days or more that more than 11 million people could go without power. This coming in a time where the government seems to be bent on prohibiting us as citizens the ability to protect and care for ourselves.

This is all happening as we push into the middle of an extremely hot summer. That would be 14 days without life-saving air conditioning, and it’s not just residential houses effected. NOl This will cause hospitals, police stations,

This could be you!

This could be you!

and other medically important facilities to lose their power. That could be catastrophic.

The truth is, if you’ve been preparing for this, you really having nothing to worry about. The sad part is that the only experience the majority of the population has with prepping is from a reality television show. If you are reading this and have the potential to be affected by this, start preparing for the likelihood. Stock up on water and provisions for your family in the hopes that any power outage won’t be long-term.

For the rest of us in other parts of the country, it could always happen to us. Summertime is the worst for power companies because of the strain it puts on the systems; specially in the peak of the day. We can do our part by limiting our use during those times but that’s not 100% certainty that it won’t happen. Whether you are able to produce your own electricity through solar, water, or generator, or you have plans in place to protect your family, be prepared for the worse.

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