The criminalization of gun owners across America is beginning to run rampant across the nation. The idea of placing law-abiding citizens on a list with criminals is appalling. However, one Homeland Security advisor wishes to take it a step further. In the days following the Orlando shooting, Gama Adbel-Hafiz, a native of Cairo who came to the US in 1990, says he wants all gun owners to be put on a watch list.

Gama Adbel-Hafiz

Gama Adbel-Hafiz

He feels that the government having a list of everyone that owns a gun will cause the number of shooting deaths to drop. He told WFAA after the Orlando shooting, “What we need to do is keep the ownership of guns known to the government, so we know who has what.” I wonder how having a list of all gun owners in the nation will cause a drop in gun crimes.
Imagine, now, this scenario. Every legal gun owner is placed on a list so that the government knows who owns a gun and what guns they have. Now, imagine that same government making it illegal to own a gun. By having a a list, it will allow them to then round up every gun owner and throw them into jail or, at the very least, remove all of their guns.

Farfetched, you say? I don’t think so. IN fact, I belief that this reality is just around the corner. IN a nation where more people are speaking out against the very freedoms that make this nation great. When men and women fear speaking the name of God because it’s going to offend. When schools are being forced to remove the American Flag off their property because some of their Muslim students are offended. (Story here)

second-amendment-rifleman-1a_gtj0y7When law abiding citizens are blamed because some lunatics and radicalized criminals choose to kill people using a gun. Yes, I do believe that those in charge wish to remove as many guns as possible out of the hands of legal owners; and if Hillary Clinton somehow becomes president, that, I fear, is only the first of many of our rights to go.

What about you? Are you willing to stand silently by as your rights are taken away? Will you fall in line as sheep being led to the slaughter?

TO read more about how gun owners are being made into criminals, read here.

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