If you’re a gun owner in Hawaii, you will now be added to an FBI watch list that will monitor your activity anywhere in the US. Yes, you read that right. On Thursday, Hawaii Governor David Ige signed the bill into law to take effect immediately. What does this mean for legal gun owners?

Once you register your firearm in the state of Hawaii, you will be added to the FBI database called “Rap Back.” When it was first created, this database was used to track any criminal activity of those people “in a position of trust,” such as teachers and daycare workers. The other use is to monitor people who are already under investigation.

What the database does is that, anytime a registered gun-owner is arrested anywhere in the United States, whether the crime was gun-related or not, it will notify the local police, who will then decide if they should remove that person’s right to own guns. To the left, this sounds like a perfect plan. To those of us who know where this country is headed, this will only cause a catalyst of similar laws to be signed across the country.

Gun-OwnersLegal, responsible gun owners being added to the same watch list as those being investigated by the FBI, as if all gun owners are criminals. This is wrong in so many ways. As Amy Hunter, spokeswoman for the NRA’s institute for legislative action puts is, this is “…one of the most extreme bills we’ve ever seen.”

Democratic Senator from Hawaii Will Espero called this “common sense legislation that does not hurt anyone.” This is the same democratic senator who uses his own gun ownership as a show of objectivity when, in reality, it’s just a political stunt by a left-wing activist. The truth is it hurts Americans by placing Legal, law-abiding citizens on the same watch list as criminals.

That, my friend, isn’t common sense, it’s downright wrong. Now, those gun owners in Hawaii, and soon all across the nation, will be monitored while gun violence rises because, guess what! Legal gun owners don’t commit murder…criminals who could care less about the law do. No amount of legislation will change someone’s intent to kill.

This, my dear readers, is only the tip of very big iceberg that is about to put this nation on the bottom of a very cold, dark sea. The leaders of our government won’t stop until all of the guns are gathered and they have complete control over this nation.

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